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Tally.Net @ Quick Setup in Tally.ERP 9

The Quick Setup for Tally.NET is launched with the objective of easing the configuration process without moving from one screen to another. While retaining the previous Tally.NET configuration screens intact, the Quick Setup for Tally.NET allows the user to perform the following tasks from a single screen.

  • Enable Security prepares the company for connectivity to Tally.NET

  • Connect Company connects the required company to Tally.NET

  • Configure Users in order to access the company locally or remotely, the user can configure Tally.NET Users

  • Configure Security Levels setup additional security levels for Tally.NET Users and Tally.NET Auditors

  • Configure Connections parameters such as Connection Timeout, Non HTTP ports and Proxy Server


Tally.NET is a framework which works in the background and facilitates access to broad spectrum of services. The various feature of Tally.NET are:

  • Connect companies from Tally.ERP 9

  • Create and maintain Remote Users

  • Remote availability of Auditors’ Edition of Tally.ERP 9 License

  • Synchronization of data using Tally.NET

  • Remote access of data by Tally.NET User and Tally.NET Auditor

  • Online help and support capability from Tally.ERP 9  or the browser

  • Instant support on functional and technical aspects of the product using Support Centre

  • Centrally manage and configure sites across locations using the Control Centre

Shortly we will be offering the following service using Tally.NET:

  • Remote Edit a capability that allows the user to edit the data from a remote location

  • SMS Services enable the user to access information on the fly from anywhere

For a detailed reading click Tally.NET

To configure the Quick Setup for Tally.NET follow the steps shown:

  • Select the required company which has to be connected to Tally.NET

  • Go to Gateway of Tally > Quick Setup > Tally.NET

The Quick Setup - Tally.NET screen appears as shown:


In this screen you can Enable Security, provide Connection Details, Configure Users, Connect and Disconnect the company to Tally.NET. Where as the Advanced Setup allows the user to Configure Security Levels and Connection Setup.

Procedure to Quick Setup for Tally.NET

1. Company Setup

This option guides you to Enable Security and prepares the company for connectivity with Tally.NET. You need to provide the required Connection Details to help the remote user identify the respective company and Configure Tally.NET users who are permitted to access the company locally or from a remote location.

For more details on Company Setup click on the link below:

E : Enable Security

It is mandatory to enable the Security Control, provide the name of the administrator and password in order to connect a company to Tally.NET.

To enable Security Control:

  • Press Alt + E or select the option E: Enable Security and press Enter.

 The Company Alteration-Enable Security screen is displayed.

  • In the Name of Administrator field, enter the name of the administrator

  • Enter the required password in the Password field

  • In the Repeat Password field, re-enter the  password once again for the purpose of confirmation

  • Press Enter

  • Tally.ERP 9 prompts a message Forgetting your password will render your data inaccessible!.

  • Press Enter or Any other key to proceed

  • Accept to save the settings

  • Tally.ERP 9 prompts to reload the company

  • Press Y or Enter to reload the company

  • The Company Login screen appears

  • Enter the Name of the Administrator in the Name of User field

  • Enter the password in the Password field and press Enter

  • The Quick Setup - Tally.NET screen appears as shown:

Note: The Enable Security option is inactive once the security control is enabled displays the status as Configured.

The Enable Security option will also be inactive and display configuration status as Configured when the security control was enabled earlier while creating a company.

You can now proceed and configure the Connection Details.


C : Connection Details

The connection details will help the remote user in identifying the connect name for the company, name of the contact person and his contact number.

To provide Connection Details:

  • Press Alt + C or select C: Connection Details and press Enter

The Company Operations Alteration screen appears as shown:

Connection Details

These details will be available during Remote access to help easily identify the Remote Company.

• By default the Name of the Company is displayed in the Connect Name field or type the company name of your choice.

• Enter the name of the contact person in Contact Person Name field.

• Enter the telephone/mobile number of the contact person in Contact Number field.

Connect for Remote Access

• By default Allow to Connect Company is set to Yes. This option allows the user to connect the required company to Tally.NET.

• Set Connect on Load to Yes in order to connect the company to Tally.NET on loading the data. By default this option is set it to No

SMS Access Details

• Set Yes to Enable SMS Access to avail business information using the Short Message Service.

• Provide a short name for the company in SMS Company Name, the company’s short name must not exceed eight characters.

 Save the settings

Note: On enabling the security control the default company name is pre-filled in the Connect Name field.

The Connect Name field is the only mandatory field required in Quick Setup to establish a connection with Tally.NET.


U : Configure Users

The Tally.NET users who are allowed to access the company locally or remotely need to be configured using this option.

To Configure Users

  • Press Alt + U or select the option U: Configure User and press Enter

The Tally.NET Users for Company screen appears. You can add Tally.NET Users and Tally.NET Auditors and provide the necessary configuration.

  • Security Level: Select the required Tally.NET authenticated security level from the Security List displayed

  • Name of the User: Enter a valid email id of the Tally.NET user who will be allowed to access the required company from a remote location or locally

  • Set Allow Remote Access to Yes in order to allow the user access data from a remote location.

  • Set Allow Local TDL to Yes in case you want the Tally.NET user to access the TDLs available locally.

  • Set Yes to Allow SMS in order to allow the user access business information via SMS.

Similarly, you can add the other Tally.NET users as required.

  • Accept to save the settings

Note: Only valid Tally.NET Users can login to access the company from a remote location. To create new Tally.NET Users login to the Control Centre

The Quick Setup - Tally.NET will appear as shown:

2. Connect Company

After having configured the Company Setup, the Connect Company allows you to connect/disconnect the company to Tally.NET.

For more details on connecting the company click on the corresponding links below:

N : Connect Company

The company has to be connected to Tally.NET in order access the company from a remote location by the Tally.NET users.

To Connect Company to Tally.NET:

  • Press Alt + N or select the option N: Connect Company and press Enter

On successfully connecting the company to Tally.NET the message appears in the Calculator pane as shown.

Note: To Connect the company to Tally.NET press F4 or click F4: Connect button available in the buttons bar


D : Disconnect Company

You can disconnect the company from Tally.NET in case you do not want the Tally.NET users to access it.

To Disconnect Company to Tally.NET:

  • Press Alt + D or select the option D: Disconnect Company and press Enter

The Disconnect Company option will display the connection status as Not Connected as shown:

Note: To disconnect the company from Tally.NET press Alt + F4 or click F4: Disconnect button available in the buttons bar.


3. Advanced Setup

The Advanced Setup guides you to configure Additional Security Levels for Tally.NET access. It also allows you to configure Advanced Connection details such as proxy server, etc.

For more details on Advanced Setup click on the link below:

L : Configure Security Levels

Use this option to configure the existing security levels, create additional security levels and modify the existing security level.

To Configure Security Levels:

  • Press Alt + L or select the option L: Configure Security Level and press Enter

The Tally.NET Security Levels screen is displayed.

  • The default security levels of Tally.NET User and Tally.NET Auditor are displayed in Security Levels field.

  • By default, Tally.NET User inherits the security controls from Data Entry and Tally.NET Auditor inherits the security control from Owner. The parent security levels ofTally.NET User/Auditor are displayed in Use Basic Facilities of field.

  • Allow to Connect Company: Set this field to Yes in case the system administrator wants the required security level to connect the company for remote access to Tally.NET Server.

  • Use Tally.NET Authentication: By default, this is set to Yes. The user classified under this security level can login from a remote location with Tally.NET User capabilities. However, users having auditor’s license will not be able to perform an audit using the Tally.NET User Authentication.

  • Use Tally.NET Auditor Authentication: By default, this field is set to No for Tally.NET User and Yes for Tally.NET Auditor.

  • Set Show Allow/Disallow to Yes in order to allow the administrator to define security levels for Tally.NET User and Tally.NET Auditor.

  • Days Allowed for Back Dated Vouchers: By default this field is set to 0, enter the required number of days. Alteration or Insertion of backdated vouchers can be done within the number of days mentioned from the Date of Last Entry of vouchers.

  • Cut-off date for Backdated vouchers: The user can specify the required date. Tally.ERP 9 does not allow you to record a transaction prior to the date mentioned. This can be used in addition to Days Allowed for Backdated Voucher. This input will be useful in situations where you have completed the audit and do not require any changes in the data.

  • Disallow the Following Facilities: To disallow access to different options, select the required type of access from the Type of Access and then select the report for which the access rights are restricted from the List of Reports. You can set the access rights for different options. E.g., Select Full Access for the Balance Sheet, you will not have access to the Balance Sheet for this Security Level.

  • Allow the following Facilities: Conversely when you select Full Access to the Balance Sheet, there will be full access to the Balance Sheet for this security level.

Create Security Levels

Tally.NET Security Levels screen also allows you to create new Security Level

To create a New Security Level:

  • Type the Security Level Name at the last row under Security Levels field as shown:

  • Set the other options such as Use Basic Facilities of, Allow to Connect Company, etc., based on the requirement

  • Accept to save the settings.

The Quick Setup - Tally.NET screen displays the configuration status of Advanced Configure Security Levels as shown:

T : Connection Setup

Using this option you can configure advanced setup on Connection and Proxy configuration, such as Connection timeout, Connect to Tally.NET Server running on Non HTTP Port, Use absolute URL for HTTP Actions and Use HTTP Proxy Server.

To configure Advanced Connection:

  • Press Alt + T or select the option T: Connection Setup and press Enter

The Advanced Configuration screen is displayed which is divided into two sections namely Connection Configuration and Proxy Configuration.

Connection Configuration

  • Enter the duration in seconds in the Connection Timeout (in seconds) field . Tally.ERP 9 will wait for the response from the server for the specified duration. In case Tally.ERP 9 does not receive any response within the specified duration, it will proceed to perform the next operation.  

  • Set Connect to Tally.NET Server running on Non HTTP Port to Yes in case you are frequently disconnected from Tally.NET Server or receiving Error – 16004

  • Use absolute URL for HTTP Actions is by default set to No. Set it to Yes in case the proxy server requires full URL specification

Note: Some of the Proxy Servers require full URL specification.

Proxy Configuration

  • By default, Use HTTP Proxy Server is set to No. Set this option to Yes in case you are using a proxy server.

  • Enter the required address in the URL field

  • Set Authentication Required to Yes in case the Proxy Server needs authentication

  • Select the required Proxy Authentication Scheme for the Proxy Server from the list of Proxy Auth Schemes

  • Provide the required username and password in the User Name and Password fields respectively

  • Accept to save the configurations

The Quick Setup - Tally.NET screen displays the configuration status of Advanced Connection Setup as shown:

Note: To view the options available under advanced setup select Advanced Setup and press Enter or press F5 key to expand or collapse the Advanced Setupoptions. The F5: Show Adv Config is also used as a toggle button to display or collapse the advanced setup options


Note: To view the options available under advanced setup select Advanced Setup and press Enter or press F5 key to expand or collapse the Advanced Setupoptions. The F5: Show Adv Config is also used as a toggle button to display or collapse the advanced setup options.

4. Q : Quit

To quit Tally.NET Quick Setup press Esc or  Alt + Q or select Q : Quit and press Enter.

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