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Licensing Resolutions of Tally.ERP 9

Licensing resolutions occur when the systems encounters a conflict with the Site/Account Administrator’s E-Mail ID or a Site ID while activating a license. This system has a built-in capability that detects duplicate E-Mail ID or Site ID within an account or across accounts and proceeds to resolve the conflict through the licensing mechanism available separately for Single Site license and Multi  Site account activations.

Licensing Resolution - Single Site

When the user provides an E-Mail ID that already exist within an account or across accounts while activating a license. Tally.ERP 9 prompts the user with the resolutionscreen as shown below:


In the User Resolution screen, select the required option to activate the license:

1. Add to Existing Account:

  • Select this option in case you want the serial number provided to be included in the existing account.

  • The Activate Site Licence screen appears as shown:


Refer to Site Activation process to activate a Site

2. Create a New Account:

  • Select this option when you want to retain the existing Account ID for the purpose of Account Administration and the License Serial Number provided to be activated under the new Account ID.

  • The Supporting Activation Form appears as shown:


  • Provide the required Account ID in the Account ID field, a new account will be created and the License Serial Number provided in the Activation Form will be included in the new Account ID.

Licensing Resolution - Multi Site

When the user provides an E-Mail ID which is already existing within the same or different account or when the Site ID is duplicated within the same account, Tally.ERP 9 detects the duplicate E-Mail Id or Account ID as a conflict and provides the option to resolve it.

The conflict of a duplicate Account/Site Administrators E-Mail ID or Site ID can either be resolved by providing a new E-Mail ID or Site ID to activate the license serial number. In case the license serial number was surrendered earlier, the user can opt to reactivate the same.

The User Resolution screen appears as shown below:


1. Select Create a New Site:

Tally.ERP 9 displays the message Congratulations! Your Activation Request has been Processed. An encrypted file is now on your machine.

  • Provide the unlock license file in Unlock License field to activate the site license.

2. Reactivate Existing Site:

Provide E-Mail ID of the Administrator and password to reactivate the site by following the steps shown:


  • Enter the password for the Email ID provided.

The Reactivate License screen appears, based on the availability of the Internet connection the user can opt to activate the license in Online or Offline mode.

Online Activation

  • Tally.ERP 9 displays the message Congratulations! Your Activation Request has been Processed. An encrypted file is now on your machine.

  • Press Enter to continue.

  • Proceed to section Step 2: Procedure to Unlock License File.

Offline Activation

Tally.ERP 9 displays a Connection Error screen containing the Error Code and System Error Code along with the Reasons for Failure, Possible Solutions and What to do now? (Actions)

  • Select Continue in offline mode.

  • Tally.ERP 9 displays a message Your Offline Activation Request file has been Created Successfully. A license request file named tally_req.lic is generated and stored in the default Tally.ERP 9 folder.

  • Copy the tally_req.lic onto a pen drive/CD and paste the file into the Tally.ERP9 folder. This computer must be connected to the Internet and Tally.ERP 9 could be running in Licensed or Educational mode.

  • Start Tally.ERP 9.

The Startup screen appears.

  • Select Send External Request.

  • Tally.ERP 9 displays a message Offline Response File Generated Successfully.

  • Copy tally_lck.lic file to a pendrive/CD and paste this file to the Tally.ERP9 folder of the computer where Tally.ERP 9 is to be activated.

The Reactivation Successful message appears.

  • Press Enter.

The Gateway of Tally appears displaying the Info Panel which contains information on the Release, Edition and Users under Version block, the Serial Number,Account ID and validity of Tally.NET Subscription under License block and various configuration details under the Configuration block.

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