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Excise Sales Invoice with Two Address Details of Party (Excise for Dealer) in Tally.ERP 9

In Tally.ERP 9, from Release 3.0 you can maintain Multiple Mailing Details for Company & Ledgers.

Multiple Mailing Details for a ledger are useful in such cases where party (supplier or customer) has different Locations. Sales Order is received from the Head office of the Customer with clear instruction that the goods have to be supplied to one of the Branches of the customer. In this scenario Head Office can be identified as Customer & Branch as Consignee and the address details of Head Office & Branch can be provided while creating the Customer Ledger (from whom the order is received).

Example: As per the order received on 10-11-2010 ABC Company sold 200kgs of Hot Rolled Coils @ 150per Kg to Decora Pvt Ltd. and delivered the goods sold to Bangalore Branch.

Create the ledger with Multiple Address


In F11: Features (Accounting Features)

Set the option Maintain Multiple Mailing Details for Company & Ledgers to Yes

To create the Ledger

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Ledgers > Create

  • Enter the Name of the Ledger - Decora Pvt. Ltd. & select the appropriate Group - Sundry Debtors

  • Set the option Maintain balances bill-by-bill to Yes

  • Under Mailing Details

  • Name: In this field by default the ledger Name will be displayed as mailing Name

  • Address: In this field specify the mailing address of the customer.

Note: From Rel 4.8 an option to provide Bank Details is provided in the Ledger Master.

  • Set/Alter Multiple Mailing Details to Yes to enter the multiple address details for a ledger and press enter to view Address Type screen


Note: The option Set/Alter Multiple Mailing Details will be displayed in Ledger Creation or Alteration screen only if the option Use MULTIPLE Addresses is enabled in F12: Ledger Configuration.

  • In Address Type screen, specify the Address Type as Bangalore Branch and press enter to view Mailing Details screen


  • In Mailing Details screen

  • Address: In this field specify the address details

  • State: Select the appropriate state from the list

  • PIN Code: In this field specify PIN Code

  • Statutory & Taxation Information: Under this section specify PAN/Income Tax No., VAT Details & Excise Details


  • Press Enter to accept Address Details & Address Types

The completed ledger creation screen appears as shown


Record a Excise Sales

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F8: Sales (Excise - Sales)


In F12: Configure (Sales Invoice Configuration)

  • Set the option Allow Separate Buyer and Consignee Names to Yes


  1. In Party A/c Name field select the customer to whom the goods sold i.e. Decora Pvt. Ltd. and press Enter to view Party Details screen

  2. In Party Details screen

  3. Under Buyer Details section

  • For Consignee, in Address Type field select Bangalore Branch indicating that the address of branch to be displayed & printed as address of consignee in Rule 11 invoice.


Note: By default the Primary address of the party ledger will be displayed for both Consignee & Buyer. On selection of Address Type the address details will get changed based on the address type selected.

  • For Buyer retain the Primary address details by selecting the Address Type as Primary

  1. In Excise Sales Voucher, under Name of Item select Hot Rolled Coils select the purchase bill against which the sales are made specify the Rate of sales.

The completed Excise Sales Voucher is displayed as shown


  1. Press Enter to save.

Printing Rule 11 invoice

The print preview of Rule 11 invoice is displayed as shown


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